Tuesday, November 30, 2010

COLORS continued...

A couple months ago, one of my sister's friends, Jessica Simmons came home from living in Thailand for a year. She worked with an organization called Destiny Rescue. They rescue girls/children from the rampant sex industries in Thailand, Cambodia, & Mozambique. They offer them an escape, place to live, education, different job opportunities, medical & physiological attention, etc. They also have a prevention program to educate targeted (poor) families so they are not subject to that future. They are an incredible organization. I had been familiar with them due to my friend and sister working with them in years past, so I was excited to talk with Jessica about what's been going on over there.

We all went to lunch a few days after she got home and we had a great time talking about family, friends, and her incredible year with DR. When we returned home, she saw all my scarves laying in our living room and we started talking about the benefit this year. With my sister home, I didn't even have a clear direction as far as where to give the money that was going to be raised! She just blurted out that DR was looking for job opportunities for the girls and that I should go over there to teach the girls how to crochet and we could sell what they made. She added that the money we raised at the fund-raiser could send us over there to start it all. And BAM. Just like that, it was done. It was almost as if, God had wrapped COLORS up in a beautiful box with gorgeous paper and bow, and sat it in my lap. Before I even said one word, I knew that this was it. I don't think I have ever been more sure about anything.

That's when it all started, and I can't even begin to describe what God has done since. I have been in a constant state of overwhelmness. (New word) Everyone that I know is helping, contributing what they can to this and as each day passes, I am becoming more invisible. Just like he promised. At this point, I don't even think I need to be there for this night/company to be all it will be, and that is how I know that it is all HIM. I am honored to be a part of it and to be surrounded with such amazing, talented people. Jessica Stewart, thanks for being my partner on this wild ride! Mayhay, thanks for the inspiration of all of this. Mom, for always supporting me & believing in me, always. Andy, your support means more to me than anything, you have NO idea! Munclefred (Jessica, Michaela, Meghan, Kayla), you are 4 of the most talented, fun people and our 2 companies will forever be BFFs :) Joseph Stagnaro, you can do everything and you are AMAZING at it all, don't you doubt it. Joe Brim, for the past years and this one, you are a constant fixture ;) Brittany, you have been there for me for the past 10 years, and I will forever be grateful for your friendship (and fudge ;) Natalie, just your words of encouragement and love are worth more than I could ever repay. Keenan, Tim, & Eric, all three of you have been there for my family for the past several years. You hold special places in our hearts for your generosity.

All of you, are why I know that this is from God. Thank you for allowing me to be small part. This night will be amazing, and it is only the beginning. God is about to open eyes and hearts to the realities of what is happening to his children on the other side of the world, and we are going to help change it! What an incredible mission. Are you ready?

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